Everyone likes to spend time outdoors, but with one of the harshest climates in the world, Australians need to be particularly careful. At Ego, we found that when you choose the best sunscreen that suits your lifestyle, whatever it may be, it maximises the chances of you using sun protection and incorporating it in your skin care regimen. The reality is that we have one of the highest rates of skin cancer worldwide and about two in three of us will be affected during our lifetime,1 so we need to be wearing sunscreen everyday.


At Ego, we formulate our sunscreen based on the types of lives that our customers lead. No matter your occupation or day-to-day needs, we’ve got your back. The ingredients of the bases used in our sunscreen will differ depending on the affect that the sunscreen needs to achieve.

Here is a breakdown of our SunSense range to help you choose the best sunscreen from our range for you. These are the people we had in mind when we formulated and created them. Which one(s) are you?

The Super Parent

Keeping your entire family protected is your top priority. You’ve always got everybody’s needs covered and the Esky packed with an assortment of everyone’s favourite foods. Your first-aid kit is renowned around the neighbourhood and you’re the pillar of every family outing. You’re a world of patience and your kids are your pride and joy even when they’re fighting you on everything, from food to wearing a hat. Even though you’re fantastic at handling all the stresses that a family brings, sometimes, you just wish it was that little bit easier to keep everyone happy.

Choose the best sunscreen for everyone in the family, we made the SunSense Comfort SPF50+ for you.

The Sports Addict

You’re fit and healthy and you like to keep it that way. If there’s an outdoor activity, you’re there, especially if water and swimming is going to be involved. You demand a lot from not just yourself, but also your equipment and of course, your sunscreen needs to adhere to your rigorous and sporty lifestyle. You know you have to reapply sunscreen often, but you’d just rather not worry about it for as long as possible, especially not in the middle of an hour’s gym session, a footy game or a netball competition.

SunSense Performance SPF50+ is the best sunscreen for you.

SunSense Performance SPF50+ was created with sweat, water and sand in mind. We made sure that our Sports sunscreen provided better water-resistance and reformulated so that it’s easier to reapply an even layer for the ultimate sun protection. This way, you don’t have to worry about whether your sunscreen is providing adequate protection every half an hour (still reapply every 2 hours though, but you know that).

The Multi-Tasker

You are a busy, working girl and you just need to get stuff done. Everything you do has a sense of purpose and efficiency. Life’s too short to not optimise and sometimes you just wished that you could make more time so that you can live life to its very fullest.

SunSense Face Ultra Light Tint SPF 50+ was formulated to save you time. If you don’t have time for a full face of makeup everyday, but you still want your skin tone to look even, the Face Ultra Light has a sheer tint to help even things out and leaves your face feeling matte and elegant. That way, you don’t have to spend too much time in front of the mirror, leaving you more time to get on with life.

Ego tries to be as inclusive as possible and answer to our customer’s needs. If none of these sunscreen sound like they’re for you. Leave us a comment of what you want out of your sunscreen, so that we can take your needs into consideration or let us know which sunscreen wearer you are!