Melanoma Institute Australia

SunSense is a proud partner of Melanoma Institute Australia, helping to fuel their ground-breaking work to achieve zero deaths from melanoma by 2030.

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is a world leading research and treatment facility, dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma. It is leading global research efforts to find new and more effective treatments to save lives from melanoma, with recent breakthroughs meaning 50% of advanced melanoma patients are now surviving*. MIA's research is now focusing on saving the remaining 50% of advanced melanoma patients, and reaching zero deaths from melanoma by 2030.

5 Sun Safety Rules

Prevention is always better than a cure, which is why SunSense and MIA are dedicated to urging all Australians to reduce their melanoma risk by following the 5 Sun Safety Rules. 

Our partnership with Melanoma Institute Australia helps support education and raise awareness of the risks associated with UV exposure, aiming to encourage better sun protection habits and increase sunscreen compliance. 

You too can help GET TO ZERO by donating.
Together we can end melanoma for future generations.

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