Register for the next Melanoma March

Register for the next Melanoma March

Melanoma March

SunSense is proud to be supporting Melanoma Institute Australia, a body dedicated to researching melanoma to help diagnose and prevent future cases. Melanoma is one of Australia’s biggest killers, with over 2,000 Australians dying from skin cancer each year1.

Despite the prevalence of the slip, slop, slap message across Australia, “[we] have the 2nd highest incidence of melanoma in the world; a cancer which sadly still kills one Australian every five hours,” says Melanoma Institute Australia CEO Carole Renouf. That’s why Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is encouraging everyone to march for a cure at their annual fundraising charity walk, Melanoma March.

Melanoma March, now in its seventh year, takes place across several locations across Australia throughout the months of March, April and May. The March gives both supporters and melanoma sufferers alike the opportunity to raise awareness and much needed funds for the cause while taking an opportunity to inspire others and remember loved ones. Last year over 7,000 people attended marches across Australia and raised $609,000 towards MIA’s total fundraising efforts allowing them to continue carrying out valuable research, which in recent years has tripled the life expectancy of melanoma patients.

SunSense will be supporting these events with top up stations at every march, and with 20 marches happening across the country there’s a march to suit everyone.Enter article description summary

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