Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is a world leading research and treatment facility, dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma. 

      As the world’s largest melanoma research and treatment facility, MIA's specialists pioneer new research, conduct clinical trials, develop new treatments and promote awareness of melanoma.


   In Australia, one person dies from melanoma every 5 hours sadly. Melanoma is the most common cancer in 15–39 year olds and it kills more Australians aged 20–39 than any other cancer. Our partnership with Melanoma Institute Australia will support education and raise awareness of the risks associated with UV exposure, aiming to encourage better sun                protection habits and increase sunscreen compliance.     

Recent breakthroughs, driven by Melanoma InstituteAustralia, have tripled life expectancy for advanced melanoma patients.¹

Together, we are working to help reach zero deaths from melanoma

In 2019, SunSense supported melanoma survivor Jay, on his epic march across Australia.

                                                                     What above to see the SnSense team join the march and help raise much needed fnds and awareness to MIA.

Game on Mole

An initiative from MIA, Game on Mole challenging  Aussies to be aware of changes to their skin, especially moles.


Melanoma March 

Melnoma March

Since 2011, Melanoma March has been MIA’s major annual fundraising campaign. With over 20 events across the country each year, the March is a special event which brings together the whole melanoma community to increase awareness and raise vital funds for melanoma research.

SunSense supports the events by providing sunscreen samples to each participant, as well as pump packs to ensure they can continue to reapply throughout the day. In addition, the SunSense team attend several events to help spread the word and assist in educating on the importance of sun protection.


Keep up to date on the latest Melanoma March news here

Jay’s Longest Melanoma March 

Jay's Longest Walk

Jay was just 32 years old when he was diagnosed with melanoma.  He was your typical Aussie bloke – a husband, dad, son and mate to many. Overnight he went from being a truck driver to a cancer patient.   

Jay underwent immediate surgery and treatment. 10 years on he is fighting fit, and is now fighting for another cause. In 2019, Jay tackled his third epic trek across the country to help raise much needed funds for MIA and raise awareness on the high incidence rates of melanoma here in Australia.

For the Melbourne leg of his journey, our Managing Director Alan Oppenheim and several other senior managers joined Jay for the day to show their support and highlight our commitment to helping find a cure to melanoma.

Visit Jay’s Facebook page to find out more. 

SunSafe School Ambassador Program

Schools Program

Ensuring teenagers are aware of the danger of melanoma and the importance of sun safety is the mission of this new educational program run by MIA.

Secondary schools are invited to participate in the SunSafe Student Ambassador Program. The comprehensive one-day program will train representative students in the importance of sun safety and how to deliver an effective presentation. The students will then go back to their schools and, using the skills they have learned, deliver a sun safety presentation to their peers.

Here at SunSense, we are huge advocates of this program and endeavour to support MIA with their educational initiatives in any way we can.

Read more about this initiative here

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