SunSense proudly supports Melanoma Institute Australia

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is a world leading research and treatment facility, dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma.

Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is the world’s leading research and treatment facility,dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma. MIA specialists pioneer new research, conduct clinical trials, develop new treatments and promote awareness of melanoma.

In Australia, there is close to one diagnosis of melanoma every half hour, and one Australian dies every 5 hours¹. Melanoma is the most common cancer affecting 15–39 year old Australians¹.

Our partnership with Melanoma Institute Australia will support education and raise awareness of the risks associated with UV exposure, aiming to encourage better sun protection habits and increase sunscreen compliance.

SunSense has been supporting MIA for over three years and are proud of the research developments made during this time. Recent breakthroughs, driven by Melanoma Institute Australia, have tripled life expectancy for advanced melanoma patients².

Jay's Longest Melanoma March

In 2019, SunSense supported melanoma survivor Jay, on his epic march across Australia.

Watch above to see the SunSense team join the march and help raise much needed funds and awareness to MIA.

Game on Mole

Game On Mole is a call to action for everyone to be aware of changes to their skin, especially moles.

Join the Game on Mole Challenge or purchase a t-shirt to start a life-saving conversation.


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