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Melanoma survivor and beauty and fashion blogger Ingrid from Fabulous and Fun Life knows only too well why it’s important to be vigilant with sun protection and what she looks for in a multi-purpose sunscreen.


 Hi, I’m Ingrid and I’m a 40+ year old beauty and fashion blogger at Fabulous and Fun Life.

Being aged in my 40’s, I was a child of the 70’s and 80’s. Yes, I am that old!

What does this mean? This means my favourite TV shows growing up included The Brady Bunch, Charlie’s Angels and The Dukes of Hazzard. I thought Bo and Luke Duke were the hottest guys ever!

My favourite bands included Abba, Billy Joel, Elton John and Midnight Oil.

Being a child of the 70’s and 80’s also unfortunately meant there was a different level of safety knowledge to today.

Seat belts in cars were not mandatory, cigarette smoke was everywhere in homes, workplaces and entertainment venues, and sun safety was virtually nonexistent.

Rather than slathering on sunscreen when I was growing up, we slathered on coconut oil to help us tan faster!

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Even worse, on weekends at the start of summer when I was feeling particularly pale I used to climb up a rickety wooden ladder onto our flat tin roof and sunbake there for a couple of hours!

Unsurprisingly, given my Estonian heritage and the fair skin that I inherited, I used to get burnt bright red at least once or twice a year and then have all my skin peel off!

I guess it would surprise nobody reading this that yes I ended up developing skin cancer in the worst form, that of a malignant melanoma, at the age of just 22 and needed surgery to remove not only the malignant melanoma but also 2 cms of all the surrounding tissue around the melanoma site to ensure that no cancerous cells had spread.

I was extremely lucky; my melanoma was detected early and was surgically removed before it had spread. For that I am eternally grateful and I have well and truly learnt my lesson! I now religiously apply high protection sunscreen whenever I’m outdoors.

Living in Australia, with its glorious warm weather and outdoor lifestyle, wearing sunscreen is so important.

I have reinforced the importance of sunscreen and being sunsafe to all three of my children from early on in their toddler years. I am determined that they won’t suffer from skin cancer like I did.

We always have a large, conveniently placed pump pack of SunSense sunscreen near our front and back doors. Just like putting on their seat belt and brushing their teeth are habits for my children, so is applying sunscreen and wearing hats outdoors.

The reason I choose SunSense sun protection for myself and my children is because SunSense is a trusted Australian brand and offers very high SPF 50+ sun protection across its range.

All SunSense sunscreens are fragrance free, dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. They also all contain Vitamin B3, an ingredient that is showing impressive benefits to the skin.

In sunscreens and skin care Vitamin B3 helps to reduce sensitive skin symptoms, improve the appearance of skin tone and texture (yes please!).
My advice? Learn from my mistakes and protect your own, and your family’s, skin. It isn’t hard to do, cover up, wear a hat, apply high protection sunscreen and stay out of the sun during peak UV times.

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