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Introducing two of Australia’s most promising young beach volleyballers, Max Guehrer and Zach Schubert. They are tenacious, hardworking and passionate about sun protection as they spend countless hours training and competing outdoors, which is why SunSense has teamed up with the duo to support their journey to fulfil their childhood sporting dreams.

As Australians, we tend to have a love for sport that the rest of the world often doesn’t understand. Many young Australians have the passion needed to succeed in their chosen sport, but can lack the confidence and support required to progress it into a career.

The Australian Sports Commission believes that “Sporting dreams are never limited to elite athletes. They are shared with all Australians, who understand that becoming a champion is a full-time commitment.”1


Team Guehrer/ Schubert is the youngest Senior Beach Volleyball Team in Australia. They are currently working with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Australian Volleyball Federation (AVF) to achieve their childhood dreams of being the first ever Australian Men’s Beach Volleyball team to win an Olympic Gold Medal. The team is made up of two rising stars of the volleyball society, Maximilian Guehrer and Zachery Schubert. Guehrer/Schubert have already had some great success in the past, winning several events across Australia and overseas. This young energetic team are looking to take on some of the very best teams in the world over this coming summer and will be traveling across the globe to compete, in a bid to achieve their goals of making it to the Olympics to represent their country.

Guehrer is 19 years old and is a Senior Australian Beach Volleyball athlete competing in various tournaments, all while studying full time at Flinders University. Having only 3 years’ experience in beach volleyball, Guehrer has made a name for himself competing in 3 junior world championships, beating some of the world’s best. At last year’s U19 Beach Volleyball World Championships, Guehrer came 9th, with a promise to make it to the podium in next year’s competition with an ultimate goal to take home an Olympic Gold Medal for Volleyball.

“Throughout these past few years I have found that confidence truly is key, and I have tried to implement that into everything I do. It’s really great to have the support of an Australian owned brand like SunSense, I love using the range, especially SunSense Sport, which is perfect for playing conditions” said Guehrer.


Schubert is also 19 years old and is from country South Australia. Like Guehrer, Schubert is a Senior Australian Beach Volleyball Athlete and a full time student at Flinders University. With 4 years’ experience in Volleyball, Schubert is ready to show the world the skills he has to offer, taking pride in the number of championships he has already won. Schubert has both the passion and dedication required to make it to the big leagues. “I’m committed to making Beach Volleyball my career because I truly believe my goals are realistic and I will achieve them. I have strong values when it comes to maintaining relationships with people who have helped with my success” said Schubert.

Guehrer and Schubert are currently training at the AIS in South Australia to achieve their goals and have been named the fourth senior team in the state.

“Our values are all based around hard work because we believe if you want to achieve anything throughout life you will achieve it if with the right mindset” said Schubert.

SunSense Sport SPF 50+* is an ideal sunscreen for beach volleyball, the very high UV protection, light formula is also sand and sweat resistant and is the preferred sunscreen of Max & Zach.

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*Always read the label, use only as directed.

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